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The Best Crockpot Recipes Ever

It's time to get that crockpot off that shelf and dust if off. I've found the most amazing collection of slow cooker recipes that almost make the crockpot jump up and dance. There are so many great recipes for main dishes, side dishes, beverages, desserts and others that it's hard to choose what to cook next. Dinner will slowly cook during the day. We'll be able to walk through the door at night and have dinner ready to eat. After dinner, I only have one cooking pot to clean.

The Crockpot Girls Collection Cookbook is going to help us eat better and healthier. When the pizza place and the Chinese takeout restaurant are on speed-dial, it's definitely time to give my family more variety. Losing a few pounds would be great, too!

The chicken recipes look wonderful. I can't wait to try the Chicken and Dumplings. Add a salad, and I know that they will love it. The All Day Macaroni and Cheese is the ultimate comfort food and small portions can be frozen for quick snacks anytime.

I made the Chicken Fricassee - Reduced Fat and it was delicious. My husband always says he doesn't like low fat cooking, but he never guessed it was reduced fat. Add a vegetable or fruit salad and have a really healthy meal.

CrockPot Girls Recipe Collection

I'm really glad that the cookbook is an ebook that can be read on any device. It is so easy to use. I find it really convenient to be able to pick out the recipe that I want to make tomorrow night on my iPhone before I leave work. Then if I am missing any of the ingredients, I can make a quick stop at the store on my way home. It's so nice to not only have tonight's dinner already cooked when I get home, but to have tomorrow's dinner already planned. No more rushing around the kitchen trying to find something quick and easy for supper. We're all eating healthier and our evening is so much more peaceful.

The Crock Pot Recipes include beverages and desserts as well as main dishes and sides. Extras like Chili Beef Dip round out the more than 500 recipes. There is a beautiful color picture of each recipe. The Chicken Stew Mexican Style served with the Aztec Black Beans was a real hit.

The recipes are very well-organized. I always find something new to try. There are beef, pork and chicken recipes, as well as Italian, Mexican and Chinese dishes. No gourmet cooking skills are needed; all the recipes are very easy to make. The slow cooking method seems to add a depth of flavor not found elsewhere. The Crock Pot Recipes ebook has a 60 day money back guarantee, but I doubt that you would ever give it up once you have used it.

CrockPot Girls Recipe Collection